Helpful articles on items such as adding a rubric, cross listing a course, removing multiple roles, supported browsers, etc.

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Pinned Article How to Cross List a Canvas Course

Use this guide to watch an instructional video on how to cross list class sections within Canvas.

Accessing Digital Video Streaming Service (DVSS) in Canvas Using Chrome

How to add exceptions to your chrome for flash. An exception can be used to run flash without asking.

Accessing Submissions of a Student Dropped From a Canvas Course Section

Instructions for accessing submissions of a dropped student in Canvas

Adding a Rubric in Canvas

Use this article article to add a Rubric to an assignment. Please note that once an assignment is published, adding a Rubric may not be an option.

Adding Captions to Canvas Videos Using Microsoft Stream

Information on adding captions to Canvas recordings using Microsoft Stream.

Ally for Course Accessibility in Canvas

The article describes what Ally is and contains training guides on how to use it.

Canvas Enhancements / External Tools and Features / LTIs

Information regarding enhancements, external tools/features and LTIs in Canvas.

Canvas Google Drive Integration Deprecation

Information regarding the eventual depreciation of the Canvas Google Drive integration and reasoning for why ITS does not support the feature.

Canvas Vocabulary and Basics

Basic Canvas vocabulary and information.

Canvas What-If Grades

The article explains the What-If Grades feature in Canvas.

Canvas-Supported Browsers

If you are having issues with Canvas not loading or not able to submit attachments, please ensure you have a supported internet browser. The article shows which browsers are supported by Canvas.

Collaborating in Canvas Using Office 365

Instructions for using Office 365 for course collaborations in Canvas

Creating a Group Set and Group in Canvas

Find information on how to create group sets and groups in canvas.

Documents Not Opening in Canvas

Microsoft Extensions not allowing canvas documents to open. The articles explains how to remove that extension.

Giving a Student a Unique Due Date in Canvas

Steps to give a student a unique or special due date in Canvas.

How Do I Add A Course To My Canvas Dashboard?

Instructions for adding a course to your Canvas dashboard.

How Do I Assign an Assignment to a Group in a Course?

Instructions for assigning an assignment to a group in a Canvas course.

How Do I Hide Navigation Items In Canvas?

Instructions for hiding Canvas navigation items.

How Do I Publish a Canvas Course?

Instructions for publishing a Canvas course.

How Do I Upload a Syllabus To Canvas?

Instructions for uploading a syllabus to a Canvas course.

How To Add a TA or Users to a Course?

Information on how to add a TA / users to your canvas course.

How to Create an Assignment in Canvas

Information on how to create a assignment in canvas.

How to Upload a Video To Canvas Without Using Storage

Instructions for uploading videos to a Canvas course without maxing out your course storage limit.

Initial Webex Setup For Instructor

Instructions for setting up Webex as an instructor.

Instructions For Scheduling/Editing a Webex Meeting For a Canvas Course

Instructions for scheduling a Webex meeting via Canvas and then editing the advanced settings of the scheduled meeting.

Instructor Receiving Class Has Already Been Completed Message in Canvas Course

Instructions for fixing the "the email cannot be sent since the class has already been completed" in Canvas.

Launching a Webex Meeting Via Canvas as an Instructor

Instructor instructions for launching a Webex meeting via Canvas.

Published vs. Unpublished Items In a Canvas Course

Instructions for publishing and unpublishing various items in Canvas.

Remove Multiple Roles (Teacher, Student, Instructor) in Canvas

Use this article to change the role of a student or person within Canvas.

Standard Canvas Course Timeline

An example Canvas course timeline.

Submitting Large Media Files for Canvas Assignments

How to submit a large file for an assignment in Canvas using One Drive.

Webex Video Conferencing via Canvas

Description of the new WebEx tool in Canvas

Where Can I Find Answers to BGSU Tech-Related Questions in Canvas?

How to find answers to BGSU/Canvas tech questions.