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Comdoc contact information and hours.
Instructions for reporting an issue with OnBase.
Instructions to workaround the Webex Meetings "fail to launch" known issue.
Information on fixing a known Webex meeting scheduling issue that occurs when Audio Connection Type VoIP is not selected.
Instructions for troubleshooting Outlook sync/connection issues.
Information regarding why a new student employee may not show up on the supervisor time sheet view.
Troubleshooting an off-campus device with sound issues, including voice calls and/or notifications.
General audio troubleshooting steps for Windows devices.
Instructions for fixing a camera issue in Canvas Studio on a Mac.
Information on Canvas Webex authenticateUser error, including cause and fix/resolution.
Instructions for fixing an issue where a Webex meeting will not save.
Steps to fic the Canvas Webex meeting password requirement issue.
Instructions for requesting service to a BGSU printer.