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Information regarding Office365 licensing, instructions, etc.
Instructions for using touchscreen controls to annotate in Microsoft Whiteboard using an interactive classroom touchscreen monitor.
Information about using the Microsoft Teams calendar.
Tips for using OneDrive
Explanation of the OneDrive service
ITS recommendations for using Microsoft Teams as a communication tool
Information on using Microsoft Teams chats including starting a chat with an individual, group chats, renaming a group chat, hiding/unhiding a chat, deleting chats, etc.
Information on joining a meeting, scheduling a meeting, meeting invites, etc.
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned device.
Instructions on making calls via Microsoft Teams.
Link to Microsoft Teams' support website.
A guide for installing Microsoft Office to your Android device
Information regarding the use of apps within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
Microsoft Teams troubleshooting steps.
Instructions for accessing the Microsoft Teams web application.