Install Microsoft Teams On a Mac Device


How do I install Microsoft Teams on my Mac office device?


Microsoft Teams is a platform for team collaboration within Office 365. BGSU faculty and staff can request the creation of a Microsoft Team by visiting our service page or Teams can be used as a general chat tool. Once your Team has been created, follow the steps below to install the software on your device. 

  1. Visit the Microsoft Teams application download webpage.
  2. Select the Download Now button located below the Desktop (Mac OS X 10.10+) header.
  3. When the download is complete, open the Teams_osx.pkg in the Downloads folder.
    • This will open the Microsoft Teams Installer.
  4. Select Continue, followed by Install.
  5. Enter your BGSU username and password when prompted.
  6. When the installation is complete, select Close.
  7. Navigate to the Applications folder and select Microsoft Teams from the list of available programs.
  8. Enter your BGSU email address.
  9. If prompted, select Work or School Account.
  10. Enter your BGSU password.
  11. Authenticate using Duo if prompted.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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