Collaboration & Conferencing

Guides for using BGSU-supported tools such as Webex, Telepresence, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams, etc.

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information for utilizing the BGSU ListServ mailing lists. For detailed vendor guides, go to

Microsoft Teams

Guides to help you install and use Microsoft Teams at BGSU.

BGSU Blogs

Information on removing blogs from

Cisco Jabber

Guides for installing and using Cisco Jabber for online chatting and phone calls (via computer) at BGSU, including security information and the use of Jabber for official BGSU communication.


Information on setting up and using Webex (including device requirements), the university supported tool for conferences, meetings, webinars, and virtual events.

Cisco Telepresence

Information on how to use the Cisco Telepresence equipment in select BGSU classrooms.