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Student evaluation access information.
Instructions for accessing EvaluationKIT.
Instructions for resetting your macOS keychain password.
Explanation of why Windows 7 university-owned machines are not permitted on the BGSU network.
Questions frequently asked by Access BGSU delegators. The delegator is the student who grants access to the proxy.
Information on accessing HireTouch as a hiring manager.
Information on how to submit a security request via PeopleSoft.
Restrictions on using wireless access points
List of BGSU applications/services requiring VPN access.
What are VPN bookmarks?
Instructions for accessing your BGSU voicemail.
Instructions for adding a shared office account using Outlook 2016 for PCs
Information regarding email applications supported by ITS.
Information on recovering and/or resetting your Access BGSU password
General description of the Access BGSU application.