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A self-help guide for instructors wishing to set up online, one-on-one office hours withing Canvas as well as instructions for students making appointments.
Instructions for setting the audio in Zoom while teaching in the classroom.
Instructions for joining or hosting a Zoom meeting from a telepresence room.
Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting via Canvas as an instructor.
Zoom attendee capacity
Information on using the chat box during a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting in one of the BGSU Cisco Telepresence rooms.
Information about using office/shared accounts in Zoom.
Directions for importing a Zoom meeting into Canvas.
Information on checking to if you are using your BGSU Zoom account.
A list of features available with BGSU's Zoom license.
Information about Zoom audio transcriptions.
Information on changing your Zoom display name.
Instructions for sharing Zoom recordings.
Information on using a connected conference room to connect to a Zoom Meeting.