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Information regarding the use of third-party apps with BGSU Zoom accounts.
Information regarding mirroring Zoom using an iPad
Instructions for setting up Zoom for use in a classroom.
Process to follow if there is a disruption in a Webex or Zoom. IE. Meeting take over by third party.
Instructions for viewing a Zoom attendance report in Canvas.
Information regarding how long Zoom cloud recordings are retained.
Information on designating a user as an alternative host in Zoom.
Information on using Zoom Closed Captions.
Information on using Zoom's Live Transcription feature.
Instructions for manually entering closed captions in a Zoom meeting as a participant.
Instructions for starting closed captions or live transcriptions in a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for enabling closed captions and live transcriptions in Zoom.
Information regarding Zoom breakout rooms.
Setting up Zoom breakout rooms ahead of meeting time.
Information regarding HIPPA-compliant Zoom accounts/meetings.