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Troubleshooting steps for Zoom recordings.
Instructions for assigning someone scheduling privileges in Zoom.
Editing Zoom cloud recordings.
Troubleshooting steps for issues converting a personal Zoom account to a BGSU zoom account.
Information about Zoom meeting passcode requirement at BGSU.
Information about recovering previously used breakout rooms.
Information on checking to if you are using your BGSU Zoom account.
Instructions for turning email notifications ON/OFF when an attendee joins the meeting before the host.
Information on designating a user as an alternative host in Zoom.
Information on Zoom co-hosts.
Instructions for setting the audio in Zoom while teaching in the classroom.
Instructions for joining or hosting a Zoom meeting from a telepresence room.
Setting up Zoom breakout rooms ahead of meeting time.
Information on changing your Zoom display name.
Instructions for enabling Zoom meeting registration.