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Instructions on adding filters and spotlights to Power BI reports, using a slicer, pins, focus mode, full screen mode and Power BI interaction points.
Information on utilizing Zoom Webinars at BGSU.
A list of features available with BGSU's Zoom license.
Information about Zoom meeting passcode requirement at BGSU.
Setting changes to make Zoom meetings and classes more secure.
Troubleshooting steps for Zoom recordings.
Information regarding Zoom breakout rooms.
Information on where to find extensive Zoom self-help and support articles.
Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting.
Information on Zoom recordings including finding/viewing, sharing, and automatic recordings, as well as cloud recording information.
Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting using the Cisco equipment in a classroom/conference room.
Information on using a connected conference room to connect to a Zoom Meeting.
Information on using Zoom Closed Captions.
Information regarding the setup of Zoom office accounts.
Details on where to find information regarding video capabilities in Zoom such as settings, layout, virtual backgrounds, etc.