Can I Move My Office Computer/Phone to a New Location on Campus?


Can I move my office computer/phone to a new location or department on campus?


It is BGSU standard operating procedure that most systems assigned to an employee stay with that employee until either it is replaced by ITS, or the employee leaves BGSU; at which time it will be returned to ITS inventory. If an employee moves departments or offices, the system will move with them.

Situations in which BGSU employees are not permitted to move their equipment to a new location/department on campus are outlined below. If your situation falls under one of the below circumstances, please do not move your equipment to your new location. In all other situations, employees may move their devices with them.

  • Employees moving from an Auxiliary Department to a Non-Auxiliary Department.
  • Employees moving from a Non-Auxiliary Department to an Auxiliary Department. 
  • A shared office computer.
  • The computer has specialized software that is only on that device.

If you require assistance in moving your equipment, please review our service page and submit the online request form.

View our ITS Device Moves Handout

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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