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Tips for keeping items at your desk/office area safe and secure
Instructions for accessing your BGSU office voicemail while away from campus.
Use this guide to install Office 365 on Personal Machine
Instructions for installing the Falcon Print printer driver on a Windows office device.
Information on different types of University-owned devices.
Microsoft Extensions not allowing canvas documents to open. The articles explains how to remove that extension.
Guidelines for moving office devices from one campus location to another
A guide for adding Microsoft Office/OneDrive to your Apple device
Information on sharing documents with a department/office.
Opening a shared office account
The link contained within this article help you find software BGSU has to offer.
Explanation of PaperCut
How to access an office copier/printer.
Instructions for adding a shared office account using Outlook 2016 for PCs
Use this page to help determine which items ITS will assist with moving.