What Equipment Will ITS Assist With Moving?


What equipment will ITS assist with moving? How should my department prepare for a move?


Generally speaking, ITS will assist with moving any equipment with a BGSU asset tag, and ITS-provided Cisco phones. (Please note: Not all BGSU employees are permitted to move their equipment to a new location on campus; please follow this link for more information.) ITS will also assist with moving monitors and other small peripherals (e.g. keyboards, mice, card swipes, label printers) attached to BGSU-owned assets.

ITS will not assist with physical moves for computers and associated equipment that are personally-owned, owned by a third-party company, and/or were provided/installed by a third-party. Printer/copier moves with a ComDoc contract number should be coordinated by contacting our ComDoc Service Representative, Cody Wright at Cody.Wright@xerox.com.

As of Spring Semester 2021, ITS no longer assists with computer/equipment moves for large construction projects. Logistics firms should be involved to assist. Please contact Planning, Design & Construction for assistance.  

If you and/or employees in your area or department are moving to a new location on campus that is NOT part of a large construction project, please submit a move request form to ITS. Include a list of employees, assets, and current office locations, and day(s) they should be moved (if applicable). Then, refer to this checklist to prepare:

1.    Label all computer equipment with individual owners’ names and office numbers for the new location (with a label or piece of wide tape that won’t fall off in transit). This includes: keyboards, mice, monitors, docking stations, phones, power adapters, and other peripherals.

2.    New offices, cubicles, or workstations should be labeled with the names of their new occupant(s).

3.    Contact ComDoc if any printers or copiers are part of your move.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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