How to request/purchase university devices, device moves & returns, device setup instructions, university device FAQ, Employee Device Upgrades (EDU), etc.

Categories (4)

Device Moves & Returns

Moving devices to different locations on campus, return device to ITS, assistance moving devices, etc.

Device Setup

How to setup new university-owned Dell & Mac devices, what is included with new university devices. etc.

General Information & FAQ

Locate Asset Number, review your devices, data destruction & recycling, device type definitions, University Laptop FAQ, loaner laptops & other information about university-owned devices.

University Device Requests & Purchases

How to request new or replacement devices, equipment delivery, device add-ons & accessories, auxiliary replacement device credits, device models, etc.

Articles (11)

BGSU Software Support Criteria

Information on university-supported software.

BitLocker for University Devices

This KB provides information on Bitlocker encryption software.

Device Repair Services

Information on device repair services offered by ITS.

Employee Device Upgrades

Information regarding BGSU's Employee Desktop Upgrade (EDU) process.

Software Purchase Request Outcomes

An explanation of the various Software Purchase Request outcomes.

Software Purchase Scenarios

Descriptions of the various BGSU software purchasing scenarios.

Software/Domain Purchase & Request Process for University Devices

Steps taken to route a software or domain purchase request through the approval process

Tablets at BGSU

Criteria and conditions for ITS-managed tablets at BGSU.

University Software/Domain Purchase Terms & Conditions

Information on terms & conditions review during the software/domain purchase process

What Microphone/Headset Should I Purchase?

Information regarding the purchase of microphones and headsets.