Self-help guides on topics such as purchasing small office equipment and software, office equipment moves, BGSU computer inventory naming schemes and asset tags, etc.

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BGSU Computer Inventory Naming Schemes

An explanation of the various BGSU computer inventory naming schemes.

BGSU Data Destruction & Recycling

Lists of approved equipment and other information

BitLocker for University Devices

This KB provides information on Bitlocker encryption software.

Can I Move My Office Computer/Phone to a New Location on Campus?

Guidelines for moving office devices from one campus location to another

Can I Transfer Ownership of a University Device to Another Faculty/Staff?

Information regarding changing the owner of a University device.

Computer Donation Requests

Details on requesting computer donations.

Delivery of Equipment Purchased Through ITS

Information regarding the delivery of equipment purchased through ITS.

Desk & Office Security Best Practices

Tips for keeping items at your desk/office area safe and secure

Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines

Guidelines for purchasing devices and accessories at BGSU.

Device Repair Services

Information on personal device repair.

Employee Device Upgrades

Information regarding BGSU's Employee Desktop Upgrade (EDU) process.

How Do I Connect to the R Drive/File Share?

Use this guide to connect to the R Drive.

How Do I Receive Credit for An Auxiliary Replacement Device?

Guidelines for auxiliary departments wishing to receive a credit for replacing current devices.

How Do I Request a New University Device?

A video explaining how to request a new university-owned computer.

How Do I Request Device Administrator Rights?

Instructions for requesting local administrator rights on university-owned devices.

How Do I Review the Devices Assigned to Me?

Instructions for reviewing the university-owned devices listed in your name.

Installing or Running Software As A Device Admin

The guide will show you how to run programs using local administrative rights.

Locating Asset Number of a University-Owned Device

What is an asset tag? How Do I find it?

Mac Audio Troubleshooting

Mac device audio troubleshooting steps.

Office Device Return for Departing Faculty/Staff

Details outlining what to do with your office device when leaving the university

Software Purchase & Request Process for University Devices

Steps taken to route a software purchase request through the approval process

University Device Adapters/Power Cords

Information regarding adapters/power cords for University-owned devices.

University Device Setup Instructions (Dell)

First time setup instructions for University-owned Dell laptops.

University Device Setup Instructions (Mac)

First time setup instructions for University-owned Dell laptops.

University Device Software Purchase & Request Scenarios

An explanation of the various Software Procurement Request outcomes.

University Faculty & Staff Loaner Laptop Policy

University Loaner Laptop Policy - ONLY for faculty and staff

University Laptop FAQ

Frequently asked University laptop questions.

University Software Purchase Terms & Conditions

Information on terms & conditions review during the software purchase process

What is a University-Owned Group/Shared/Student Device?

Explanation of a Group/Shared/Student BGSU device.

What is a University-Owned Primary Device?

Explanation of a BGSU primary device.

What is a University-Owned Secondary Device?

Explanation of a BGSU secondary device.

What Is Included With My University Laptop?

A breakdown of the equipment and accessories included with University laptop installations.

What Microphone/Headset Should I Purchase?

Information regarding the purchase of microphones and headsets.

What University Devices are Available For Faculty/Staff to Choose From?

Information on different types of University-owned devices.

Why Won't My Windows 7 University-Owned Device Connect to the BGSU Network?

Explanation of why Windows 7 university-owned machines are not permitted on the BGSU network.

Windows Audio Troubleshooting

General audio troubleshooting steps for Windows devices.

What Equipment Will ITS Assist With Moving?

Use this page to help determine which items ITS will assist with moving.