Locate Asset Number, review your devices, data destruction & recycling, device type definitions, University Laptop FAQ, loaner laptops & other information about university-owned devices.

Articles (17)

BGSU Computer Inventory Naming Schemes

An explanation of the various BGSU computer inventory naming schemes.

BGSU Data Destruction & Recycling

Lists of approved equipment and other information

Can I Transfer Ownership of a University Device to Another Faculty/Staff?

Information regarding changing the owner of a University device.

Computer Donation Requests

Details on requesting computer donations.

Desk & Office Security Best Practices

Tips for keeping items at your desk/office area safe and secure

How Do I Receive Credit for An Auxiliary Replacement Device?

Guidelines for auxiliary departments wishing to receive a credit for replacing current devices.

How Do I Review the Devices Assigned to Me?

Instructions for reviewing the university-owned devices listed in your name.

Installing or Running Software As A Device Admin

The guide will show you how to run programs using local administrative rights.

Locating Asset Number of a University-Owned Device

What is an asset tag? How Do I find it?

Streaming Devices & Screen Casting on University-Owned Devices

Information on using your University device with stream casting devices.

University Faculty & Staff Loaner Laptop Policy

University Loaner Laptop Policy - ONLY for faculty and staff

University Laptop FAQ

Frequently asked University laptop questions.

What is a University-Owned Primary Device?

Explanation of a BGSU primary device.

What is a University-Owned Secondary Device?

Explanation of a BGSU secondary device.

What is a University-Owned Student/GA/Shared Device?

Explanation of a Student/GA/Shared BGSU device.

What Is Included With My New University Laptop?

A breakdown of the equipment and accessories included with University laptop installations.

Why Won't My Windows 7 University-Owned Device Connect to the BGSU Network?

Explanation of why Windows 7 university-owned machines are not permitted on the BGSU network.