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First time setup instructions for University-owned Dell laptops.
Instructions for fixing Outlook search issue on macOS devices.
Step-by-step guide for remotely accessing your office computer using a Windows computer
Instructions for installing Jabber on a University-owned Mac.
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned Mac device.
Instructions for resetting your macOS keychain password.
Steps for logging in to CrashPlan Pro/Code42 on a Windows or Mac device.
A list of hardware included in each ITS-managed computer lab.
Instructions for hooking up a Mac to the classroom AV system using HDMI/VGA
Guide for using Terminal on Mac for SSH Access to BGLinux
Instructions for instructors wishing to connect to a remote lab using a Mac device.
Instructions for connecting a Mac to a PC in a remote lab.
Instructions for connecting a Mac to a Mac in a remote lab.
Step-by-step instructions for adding the Mobility Print driver to your personal Apple computer
Instructions for connecting a PC to a Mac in a remote lab.