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Common Duo issues/troubleshooting steps.
Instructions for setting up Mobility Print on a personal device for the first time.
Information on different types of University-owned devices.
Instructions for installing a Windows 10 license key for VirtualBox on a Mac.
How to use the free utility/installer provided by eduroam that configures all the settings a system needs to connect.
Instructions for hooking up a Mac to the classroom AV system using HDMI/VGA
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned device.
Microsoft and Apple documentation for configuration of display settings when using multiple external displays.
Pairing a Bluetooth device with a Mac or Windows computer.
Instructions for saving an Excel file to your device.
Guide for using Terminal on Mac for SSH Access to BGLinux
Information on Windows/Mac dictation tools.
Instructions for resetting your macOS keychain password.
Instructions to complete common tasks with CrashPlan.
Hardware included in ITS-managed computer labs.