Things to Remember After you Change your BGSU Password


Is there anything I should do or review after changing my BGSU password?


Below you will find a list of things to remember after changing your BGSU password.

If you use a University Owned Windows Computer

  • Features such as Outlook and your shared drive that require your BGSU password to access information will require a restart of your computer to start working again. 
  • If your machine boots to the gray PGP screen after it starts, you may need to enter your old password the first time you log in.  Afterward, your password will automatically be updated for PGP.
  • If you have reset your password while off-campus, please follow these steps.

If you use a University Owned Macintosh Computer

  • You will need to restart your machine to reset the programs on a Mac that use your BGSU password. Upon login, you will be asked to update the device's keychain. To confirm the update, you must enter your old password one time, or the password used to log into the machine if it is different from your BGSU password. 
  • Enter your login password again when prompted by Outlook to update the keychain as well.
  • If you have reset your password while off-campus, please follow these steps.

If your Phone Receives Email from BGSU

  • Your phone may prompt you to enter a new password when checking your email. Please enter your new password at this point. 
  • If you are never prompted for a new password and you are not receiving new email messages, please remove and add the account again using the guides on this page.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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