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Video outlining basic Outlook desktop application tips.
Instructions for setting up your BGSU email using the Outlook app on both iOS and Android devices.
Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting.
Information regarding the setup of Zoom office accounts.
Instructions for adding the Zoom add-in to Outlook.
Video outlining Outlook webmail calendar tips.
Instructions for fixing Outlook search issue on macOS devices.
Instructions for adding a hidden calendar to Outlook/Webmail.
How to make a signature for BGSU email.
Instructions for adding a shared office account using Outlook 2016 for PCs
Instructions for troubleshooting Outlook sync/connection issues.
Information on adding the Microsoft Teams add-in to Outlook.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Outlook Report Message add-in.
This guide will walk you through disabling the forwarding function within your BGSU email account.
Instructions for adding/opening an office (shared) email account or calendar in Outlook for Office 365.