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Instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting via Outlook.
A breakdown of the email clients that support Two Factor Authentication for BGSU email.
Video outlining Outlook webmail calendar tips.
Video outlining basic Outlook desktop application tips.
Sharing your personal calendar using Outlook
Instructions for troubleshooting Outlook sync/connection issues.
Information on shared email/calendar account owners.
A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password
Instructions for adding the Zoom add-in to Outlook.
Instructions for adding/opening an office (shared) email account or calendar in Outlook for Office 365.
This guide will walk you through disabling the forwarding function within your BGSU email account.
Instructions for setting up your BGSU email using the Outlook app on both iOS and Android devices.
Information about the Microsoft Focused Inbox feature
Information on using shared calendars in the Outlook mobile app.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Outlook Report Message add-in.