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Instructions for editing Access BGSU proxy access.
Information about the number of proxies that can be delegated too.
General description of the Access BGSU application.
List of information that proxies can access via Access BGSU.
Information on recovering and/or resetting your Access BGSU password
A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password
Instructions for connecting your personal Apple computer to the eduroam network at BGSU
Steps for deleting your BGSU blogs.
Instructions for setting up your BGSU email using the Outlook app on both iOS and Android devices.
Steps for retrieving your forgotten BGSU password
List of BGSU applications/services requiring VPN access.
Frequently asked University laptop questions.
Troubleshooting steps for issues converting a personal Zoom account to a BGSU zoom account.
Instructions for making international calls from a BGSU phone.
A list of accounts that may not sync with BGSU passwords