BGSU Accounts

Information regarding MyBGSU, BGSU email, passwords, Duo Two Factor Authentication, account security, Access BGSU, etc.

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Account Security

Articles related to secure email sending, email tagging, security tips for safe travel with devices/data, how to report a fraudulent email and more.

Two Factor Authentication

Information on enabling Two Factor Authentication for email, adding a secondary/new device, Duo-supported email clients as well as other FAQs.

Additional information on Duo Two Factor Authentication is available at

Access BGSU

Articles regarding some of the most common issues reported when using Access BGSU.


Answers to your questions about AlertBG, the BGSU emergency messaging system.

Email & Calendar

Self help guides for configuring your BGSU email on your device, changing email/webmail settings, sharing office account and personal calendars, etc.

BGSU Account & Password

Information regarding your BGSU username, password and security settings as well as general information about the MyBGSU portal.