Articles regarding some of the most common issues reported when using Access BGSU.

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Pinned Article What is Access BGSU?

General description of the Access BGSU application.

Access BGSU Blank Window Issue

Troubleshooting blank window in Access BGSU.

Access BGSU Email Address Length

Information on BGSU email address length restrictions

Access BGSU Password Issues

Information on recovering and/or resetting your Access BGSU password

Access BGSU Proxy Security Question

How to set up a proxy security question.

Access BGSU Proxy Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting information for Access BGSU proxies.

Access BGSU Proxy View Bill & Make Payment

How to view a student's bill and make a payment.

Access BGSU Proxy View Financial Aid Information

Instructions for proxy to view a student's financial aid information.

Access BGSU Proxy View Grades

Instructions for viewing a student's grades in Access BGSU.

Access BGSU Proxy View Holds

Instructions for viewing a student's Holds in Access BGSU.

Access BGSU Proxy View To Dos

How to check a student's To Do's in Access BGSU.

Access BGSU Unsupported Devices

Operating systems, devices and browsers that do not support the Access BGSU service

Can a Family Member Call BGSU to Have Access Granted in Access BGSU?

Information on calling BGSU for access to Access BGSU.

Can a Proxy Have Access to Multiple Student Accounts in Access BGSU?

Information regarding the number of accounts to which a proxy can have access.

Can the Proxy Edit the Student's Information In Access BGSU?

Information on editing a student's information in Access BGSU.

Creating an Access BGSU Proxy Account

Instructions for creating a proxy account for Access BGSU.

Delete Proxy Access in Access BGSU

Guide for deleting a proxy for Access BGSU.

Edit Access BGSU Proxy Access

Instructions for editing Access BGSU proxy access.

How Do I (Student) Grant Access to a Proxy In Access BGSU

Step-by-step guide for adding a proxy account to Access BGSU.

How Does Access BGSU Affect CashNet?

Information about Access BGSU and CashNet.

How Many Proxies Can A Student Delegate To in Access BGSU?

Information about the number of proxies that can be delegated too.

Is the Proxy Notified About Access Changes in Access BGSU?

Information about removing proxy access.

No Current Semester Grades in Access BGSU

Current semester grade information.

Resend Access BGSU Proxy Notification

How to resend the Access BGSU proxy email notification.

What Information Can I Share With a Proxy in Access BGSU?

List of information that proxies can access via Access BGSU.

What Is An Access BGSU Delegator?

Definition of delegator.

What is An Access BGSU Proxy

Definition of proxy.