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Guidelines for purchasing devices and accessories at BGSU.
Information on device repair services offered by ITS.
Instructions for switching between call center devices within Cisco Finesse.
Information on different types of University-owned devices.
Information regarding accessing Adobe Creative Cloud software.
How to access an office copier/printer.
A breakdown of the equipment and accessories included with University laptop installations.
General audio troubleshooting steps for Windows devices.
Information on using a personal printer in BGSU residence halls.
Instructions for connecting a gaming/streaming device to the BGSU network via Ethernet in a residence hall room.
Guidelines for moving office computer equipment from one campus location to another
Hardware included in ITS-managed computer labs.
Descriptions of the various types of University device requests.
Instructions to assist in submitting a University Device Request for an adjunct or part-time new hire.
Instructions for submitting a New Computer Purchase via ITS. A new computer purchase request is one for a device that is not replacing an existing device or for a new hire, or for a device not available in our standard device or gently-used device inventory. This option can also be used for department or grant-funded purchases for an employee secondary device.