Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines


What is the process for purchasing devices and/or accessories?


Computers and specific peripheral devices should be purchased directly through ITS using the forms indicated below. 

Most small office equipment and accessories can be purchased through Falcons Purch.

Please use this table to determine the proper purchasing method.


How to Purchase


University-Owned Device Request form

Fujitsu OnBase Scanner

University-Owned Device Request form

Additional Monitor(s)

University-Owned Device Request form

iPad/iPad Mini/eReader

University-Owned Device Request form


Office Printer Request 

TVs & AV Equipment (e.g. projectors, TV mounts, etc.)

Design & Construction Project Request form


Falcons Purch


Falcons Purch

Tablet Cover

Falcons Purch

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Falcons Purch

USB thumb/flash drive

Falcons Purch

External storage drive*

Falcons Purch

*Purchases of drives over $200.00 should be requested using the Office Devices: Request Device form

Computer parts University-Owned Device Request form
Conference/Hybrid Teaching Technology*

Falcons Purch

*Purchases of equipment over $250.00 should be requested using the Office Devices: Request Device form

Wacom Drawing Tablets*

Falcons Purch

*Non-Wacom tablets may not be supported on University devices.

If purchasing through Amazon you will receive a message stating you need approval for the purchase. To continue select the Submit for approval button.

If you wish to purchase a device NOT listed above and have questions or concerns, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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