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Guidelines for purchasing devices and accessories at BGSU.
A list of approved bubble sheets.
Information on terms & conditions review during the software/domain purchase process
Links to ITS-recommended A/V equipment that can be purchases.
An explanation of the various Software Purchase Request outcomes.
Descriptions of the various BGSU software purchasing scenarios.
Steps taken to route a software or domain purchase request through the approval process
Information regarding the purchase of microphones and headsets.
Instructions for submitting a New Computer Purchase via ITS. A new computer purchase request is one for a device that is not replacing an existing device or for a new hire, or for a device not available in our standard device or gently-used device inventory. This option can also be used for department or grant-funded purchases for an employee secondary device.
Instructions to assist in submitting a University Device Request for a Student/GA/Shared device.
Information regarding the delivery/return of equipment purchased through ITS.
Guidelines for auxiliary departments wishing to receive a credit for replacing current devices.