Requesting a Device Add-On/Accessory for a University Device


How do I request a device add-on or accessory for my university-owned device?


To request a Device Add-On/Accessory for a university-owned device, review the Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines webpage. Please note the Purchase Method column in this table. If University Device Request Form is listed, you may submit a University Device Request form to ITS for the accessory/add-on. If University Device Request Form is not listed, use the purchase method listed in the table.

  1.  Select the Device Add-on/Accessory option from the "What will this device be used for?" drop-down menu.
  2. Include the asset number of the device your are requesting the add-on/accessory for so ITS can be sure the equipment is compatible. 
  3. Check the appropriate box if you would like to purchase a Standard Accessory.
  4. To purchase a Non-Standard accessory, indicate the accessory details and information in the text field. 
  5. Department Charge Code/Four-Digit Fund Code - This information is required and can be obtained from the requestor's supervisor or department administrative contact.
    • Please enter the codes for your department and not the example text included in the text field.
  6. Please indicate if the purchase is grant-funded. 
    • Grant-funded purchases must include a business purpose

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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