Office Devices: Request Device

Who can use it?

BGSU Faculty, Staff

What is it?

The process for requesting a new or gently used device or accessory for current employees and/or requesting a new device for new hires.

For information on items that should be purchased directly through ITS, please review our Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines

This is not intended to be used for the Desktop Refresh Project.

For planning purposes, please allow a minimum of 10-15 business days for the delivery of the requested system.

Where to get it?

Complete the "Request Device" form on this page to notify ITS of your request. 

Please note: If the request is for a new employee device, tenure track faculty and full-time staff will receive new computers. Non-tenure track faculty and part-time staff receive best available gently used computers.

How to use it?

Once the form has been submitted it will be reviewed by ITS and you will be notified of approval/denial. More information may need to be collected upon approval.

How much does it cost?

New Device Requests

For new device purchases, cost is dependent on the system being purchased. To review the current costs for recommended computer systems, click here

New Hire Device Requests

For new hire purchases, there will be no associated cost for standard device requests. For a current list of standard devices, click here and review the Standard Equipment list.

Gently Used Requests

There is no cost charged to non-auxiliaries for gently used equipment. 

Those requesting a gently used device can review the devices available here

Gently Used Auxiliary Requests

For gently used requests, BGSU Auxiliaries are charged based on the make and model of hardware purchased. Auxiliaries requesting a gently used device that will replace a current device can receive a credit toward the purchase of the new gently used machine of $50.00 or more, dependent on the depreciated value of the device being replaced. To receive this credit, please be sure to indicate yes, you are replacing an existing system and provide the asset tag when completing the form. After receiving the form, ITS will communicate the credit value via the assigned ticket.


There is no cost charged to non-auxiliaries for gently used equipment.