Office Devices

Request office devices, software and repairs, learn about virus protection and support, and report a virus on your University-owned machine.

Services (7)

International Travel Laptop Request

The process for requesting a laptop for use when traveling internationally for university business.

Office Devices: Report Issue

General issues with university devices including hardware and peripheral device issues.

Software: Office Device: Request Install

Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned computers.

Office Devices: Request Device

Request a university-owned device such as a computer, iPad, or monitor. This could be a purchase request, a quote request, a gently used request, or a request for a new hire (faculty or staff).

Office Devices: Request Move or Pickup

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus.

Office Devices: Desktop Refresh

The desktop refresh project is the process used by BGSU to update faculty and staff primary computers.

Software: Purchase

Purchase software not currently offered by the university.
**Please note: Software requests typically take a minimum of 45 days to be routed through the approval process.**