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Services or Offerings?
Request assistance with a Four Winds digital sign or software, or the decommissioning of a digital sign that is no longer needed.  If this is an immediate need, please call ITS at 419-372-0999.

Request assistance, report a discrepancy with data or ask a question regarding monthly print billing reports.

Report an issue with AEM, BGSU's Content Management System.

Use the form on this page to report an issue with the Avalon application.

Report an issue with the BGSU website

Complete the form on this page to report an issue with Course Evaluation.

Use this service to report a possible data error within the data warehouse.

This service is to allow data warehouse users to report problems with the way the data warehouse is functioning.

Report an issue with an electronic signature application.

The process for reporting an error with Power BI application or reports.

Use this service to report an issue with Qualtrics.

Report an issue with Web Report Library.

Report a malfunction with University telephone/voicemail equipment or services.