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Report an issue with Web Report Library.

Use this service to request the creation of a new Power BI report, or to request changes to an existing Power BI report.

Use this page to request access to the BGSU Web Report Library

Additional Print Responsibly/PaperCut reporting for department billing charges.

Request access to Web Report Library training and review documentation.

This service offers a means for the general public to report issues with the BGSU website.

Report an issue with the Video Insight tool.

Report an issue with an electronic signature application.

Report an issue with the BGSU event calendar.

Report an issue with the BGSU website

Request a new report/analysis for development within the data warehouse.

Report an issue with AEM, BGSU's Content Management System.

Use the form on this page to report an issue with the Avalon application.

Use this service to report issues with the ZDAM application.

The process for requesting a University Advancement Report.