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Review this page for information on obtaining PeopleSoft Access, including CSS, FMS or HCM Access.

Use this page to request administrative access for Assessment Review.

Use this page to request access to the BGSU Web Report Library

Use this service to request access to the Video Insight secure video camera system

Request new, change existing, or remove access to electronicsignature applications

Add or remove individual access to an office/shared email account or calendar.

Use this page to request access to Falcon Info:STARS

Use this service to request/change Zoho Assist access or to report an issue with Zoho Assist

Instructions for requesting access changes for a department EvaluationKIT account.

Use this page to request access to Transaction System Enterprise (TSE)

Request access to Web Report Library training and review documentation.

Use the information provided on this page to access your account via the web, a program, or your mobile device.

Use this page to request temporary access to the PCI network for your register(s) that accept credit card payments.

Report an issue relating to the MyBGSU portal. This should not be used for login issues.  Please contact ITS support for lockout or login issues.  Typically access issues can be resolved by clearing your browser cache.

Create a new BGSU Account here and learn more about the services provided and accounts that sync with your BGSU Account.