Auxiliary Systems: Request Blackboard Transaction System Account

Who can use it?

Request must be submitted by the BG1 Card Services Manager. 

Contact BG1 Card Services

What is it?

Blackboard Transaction System is a campus card application used by BGSU community to access meal plans, BG1 Bucks and Bookstore buck funds.  These funds can be accessed using registers, vending machines and integrated solution such as Pharos for printing purchases, Dining services point of sale system, bookstore point of sale system and Bb One off campus merchant program.  Account history and deposit can be performed using the online card office application.  The Blackboard Transact application is managed in a PCI Compliant manner.  The BG1 Card Office manages this application with assistance from ITS.

This page outlines the process for requesting access to the BBTS. 

Where to get it?

Please complete the "Request Access" form on this page. Once access is granted, a BBTS folder will be added to the user's Rdrive. Inside of that folder will be the BBTS application.

How to use it?

Through the BBTS application, a card reader, or a cash register. BBTS can also be used through Micros, MBS and Pharos by way of interface.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs associated with this service.

Request Access


Mon 5/18/15 3:45 PM
Tue 11/24/15 2:00 PM