Allowlist and [External] Tag Removal Request

Who can use it?

BGSU faculty & staff.

What is it?

Use this service to request that an external email account/address be added to BGSU's allowlist and/or marked as an approved external sender.

How to request it?

Please submit the request form on this page. 

How to use it?

Details on the information needed to complete this request is available in the Knowledge Base article linked below. After submitting the form, your request will be reviewed by the BGSU Information Security team. If the request is deemed accurate and approved, the email account will either be added to the allow list, the external tag removed or both. 

How Do I Request to Allowlist a Vendor or to Have the [External] Tag be Removed From a Specific Email Sender Address?

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service. 

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Service ID: 47087
Thu 11/5/20 10:53 AM
Wed 10/18/23 3:44 PM