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"BGLinux" is intended to serve Bowling Green State University's instructional computing needs. It is designed to share resources among a large number of users and gives priority to smaller jobs. This system uses your BGSU Username and Password.

BGSU Account & Password

A BGSU Account is available to any Student, Faculty, or Staff member at BGSU. If you do not currently have an account you can request one on this page.

BGSU Email & Calendar

BGSU provides an official university email account as part of the BGSU Account given to all staff, faculty, students and maintained for alumni and retirees. Official university correspondence is sent through email and faculty, staff and students will need to access this email account on a regular and timely basis in order to stay current with university related communications.

All BGSU email account addresses follow the format of: The BGSU cloud-based email system provides users with access to email, communication and collaboration services that may be accessed by mobile, desktop, and web-based applications.

All BGSU faculty, staff and students are provided a BGSU email account. However, as one's affiliation with the university changes, account access does the same. The BGSU Account Status Timeline webpage outlines how BGSU email access may alter based on various status changing scenarios.

File Share

University File Sharing services provide shared storage space and access to University documents from a single location to enhance collaboration. Access to the file shares are restricted to specific users and groups as specified by the owner(s) of the shared space. The amount of storage space made available from file shares is negotiated between ITS and the requesting department. Documents stored within the file shares are backed up nightly to prevent data loss. Files sharing services are available to both Windows and Apple computers from on-campus locations.

ListServ (Mailing Lists)

ListServ is a service designed to help send emails to existing groups of individuals in mass. Use the services on this page to either request a new list or to report issues with an existing list.

To log in and moderate an existing list, visit

Please Note: BGSU listserv list owners must be active BGSU account holders and the associated BGSU account must be used to moderate lists.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


The MyBGSU portal is designed to be a one-stop shop for access to information from all web-based campus software systems. The portal houses all of the available BGSU self-service links in a way that is easily navigable and meaningful to the user. Upon logging in with your BGSU username and password, you can access a variety of campus services, including your BGSU email, Canvas, Student Center, employee information and much more.

One unique feature of the user-friendly web portal is the new “Quick Links” tool, which includes a searchable list of all links accessible to the user. Each Quick Links view is specifically tailored to the individual user based on current BGSU status and is accessible from every page within MyBGSU for added convenience.

To learn more about navigating the MyBGSU portal, and to access valuable tools, we recommend you watch our MyBGSU video training series available at the link below.

Services (2)

Allowlist and [External] Tag Removal Request

Use this page to request an external email account be added to BGSU's allowlist.

IT Offboarding Exception

Use this service to request an exception be made to BGSU's standard account deactivation process.