Convert Physical Fax Line to BGSU Fax Server Request

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Who can use it?

BGSU faculty and staff. 

What is it?

The process for requesting a fax line be converted to the BGSU fax server.

Where to get it?

To request conversion to the BGSU fax server, please complete the Convert to Fax Server form located on this page.

Please note: ITS recommends reviewing the Data Use and Protection Policy prior to submitting your request. If data you receive via fax is classified as restricted, you are not eligible to use the BGSU fax server and must continue to use a physical fax machine.  

To request a physical fax machine/account please complete the Request New Telephone Service form. 

How to use it?

When converting to the BGSU fax server, the existing fax number is associated with the email address that you provide and incoming faxes are routed to the inbox of the provided address. For more information on using the BGSU fax server to send a fax, or to review the advantages of converting to the BGSU fax server, review our General BGSU Fax Server Information article. 

If you wish to have faxes sent to a group of users, you can Request a Listserv email address be created comprised of all users needing to receive the fax messages. Use the listserv email address as the email address to receive fax messages when completing your fax account/conversion request

How much does it cost?

There are no costs associated with this service.