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Use this service for new software installs after reviewing the standard office software available for installation on University-owned employee or shared computers.

**Please note: due to a global chip shortage, Dell has reported that lead times for devices, monitors and certain accessories may be delayed by up to two months.**
Request a University-owned device such as a laptop or monitor. This could be a purchase or quote request, a replacement device request, a request for a new hire (faculty or staff), a device add-on/accessory request for current employees, requests for devices for a University event, and/or a request for a student/shared device.
View this article for more information on what is included with University laptops:

Submit a request to discontinue/remove a current telephone service.

Submit a request to change the display on a University phone.

Submit a request to change an existing BGSU telephone service.

Request the installation of a new BGSU telephone service.

Request a new data drop or BGSU Internet Connection (BIC) be installed in your office or facility.

Request changes be made to your faculty/staff data listed in the BGSU Telephone Directory.

Review this page for information on obtaining PeopleSoft Access, including CSS, FMS or HCM Access.

Report a malfunction with University telephone/voicemail equipment or services.

Use this service to request assistance with Cisco Jabber.

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus, or to return an unneeded device to ITS inventory.

As of Spring Semester 2021, ITS no longer assists with computer/equipment moves for large construction projects. Logistics firms should be involved to assist. Please contact the Office of Planning, Design & Construction for more information (

Request a large capacity hosted conference call number for calling into meetings.