Office Device Return for Departing Faculty/Staff


What is the process for returning my office device upon leaving the university?


BGSU requires that all faculty and staff leaving the university (retirement, termination, etc. ) return their university-owned devices to Information Technology Services. The party responsible for ensuring the device’s return is often the departing employee’s direct supervisor. Exceptions to this rule should be communicated to Information Technology Services (ITS) in a timely manner (for example, shared machines).

Should the vacant position be filled in the future, supervisors may submit a request for a new/replacement employee computer upon hiring. Systems for new full-time staff and tenure track faculty can be requested here at no cost. Supervisors may request replacement devices for part-time staff and non-tenure track faculty hires by completing the University Device Request form.

Office Device Return Process

The steps below outline the typical device return process followed by ITS:

  1.  BGSU Office of Human Resources sends a list of faculty/staff who have left the university in the previous month(s) to ITS.
  2.  A ticket will be generated in the supervisor’s name (one for each asset listed in the departing employee’s name) notifying them of the required return.
  3.  After receiving the ticket(s) via email, the supervisor will be contacted by an ITS technician to confirm a date and time for equipment pickup. At this time the supervisor may communicate if there is any reason the device should not be returned to inventory. If the supervisor would like to request data off of the departing employee’s device, they should notify the technician when contacted.
  4.  If the technician is unable to reach the supervisor, the machine will be picked up within one month of the initial message date.
  5. If the device is picked up without having reached the supervisor, the supervisor will have two weeks to contact ITS if they require that the machine be returned. After this two week period the computer will be factory reset and data will be lost.

If you would initiate the return of a device for a departing faculty/staff now, please complete the form on this page

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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