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Instructions for finding Canvas guides and requesting Canvas training.
How can an instructor copy content from one Canvas course to another?
Instructions for using Office 365 for course collaborations in Canvas
Information on process for requesting a Canvas LTI integration.
Fix for users trying to access MS Teams via Canvas and are stuck in a login loop.
Instructions for adding a video to a page within a Canvas course.
Setting changes to make Zoom meetings and classes more secure.
Troubleshooting steps for Zoom recordings.
Information on using Zoom in Canvas as a BGSU instructor.
Information on using Zoom via Canvas as a student.
Tables comparing features of New Quizzes vs. Classic Quizzes.
Canvas resources for transitioning from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes.
Instructions for resetting Canvas course content.
Instructions for integrating Top Hat with your Canvas course.
Instructions for viewing statistic reports for quizzes in Canvas New Quizzes.