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Troubleshooting steps for Zoom recordings.
Information about dividing a Canvas course into sections.
Information on viewing ALL of your Canvas courses.
Troubleshooting information for when images do not load in Canvas.
Information on using the Canvas To Do List
Guides for using discussion boards in Canvas.
Difference between Graders and TAs in Canvas.
Use this article article to add a Rubric to an assignment. Please note that once an assignment is published, adding a Rubric may not be an option.
Use this guide to learn how to set a quiz within Canvas to have randomized questions and answers.
Use this article to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Use this article to change the role of a student or person within Canvas.
Information on Canvas New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes.
Instructions for copying Canvas course content.
Instructions for exporting your Camtasia video into a file type supported by Camtasia and/or YouTube.
Instructor instructions for launching a Webex meeting via Canvas.