Privacy and Requests for Information Clarification


Can I request information on individual BGSU employees or students from ITS?


This article provides clarification on the Security and Privacy Statement in BGSU’s Information Technology Policy when ITS receives requests for information on individual employees or students. 

BGSU respects the privacy of all information technology users. ITS will provide information that can confirm technology resources were working as intended during a given period of time. Examples of this are: 

  • System confirmation (via delivered functionality) that an assignment was successfully submitted in Bridge or Canvas. 
  • Confirmation of a reported issue with an individual computer (e.g., in a computer lab). 
  • Confirmation of any possible on campus or cloud service-related network issue. 
  • Confirmation of a particular application or system working as intended.  

ITS will not provide any other information unless instructed to do so by: 

  • Director of Public Safety 
  • General Counsel 
  • Dean of Students and General Counsel 
  • Provost and General Counsel 
  • President and General Counsel 


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