IT Troubleshooting, Requests & Guidelines

Client Services team processes and general device troubleshooting.

Categories (6)

Academic/Research Assistance

Information on ITS assistance with academic, research and computing projects.

Digital Copyright Safeguards

Information on Digital Copyright Safeguards at BGSU

General Troubleshooting & How-Tos

General troubleshooting self-help guides, How-To articles and assistance.

Internet Browser Support

How to clear your cache, perform a DNS flush and other troubleshooting articles.

IT Project/Service Requests

Information regarding IT service requests, project requests and associated project classifications and definitions.

University Equipment, Data & Guidelines

ITS procedures for handling BGSU IT equipment, university data and other IT guidelines.

Articles (3)

ITS Reported Issues Webpage

Information regarding the ITS Reported Issues webpage and what it is used for.

ITS Start of Term Freeze

Information regarding ITS' Start of Term Freeze procedure.

Privacy and Requests for Information Clarification

This article provides clarification on the Security and Privacy Statement in BGSU’s Information Technology Policy when ITS receives requests for information on individual employees or students.