IT Troubleshooting, Requests & Guidelines

Client Services team processes and general device troubleshooting.

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How to clear your cache, perform a DNS flush and other troubleshooting articles.

ITS procedures for handling BGSU IT equipment, university data and other IT guidelines.

Information on Digital Copyright Safeguards at BGSU

Information regarding IT service requests, project requests and associated project classifications and definitions.

**New project and enhancement requests are paused while current projects are being completed. The university project workload is at capacity until the start of the Fall 2022 semester due to the number of overall projects, the number of large projects, and staff resource availability issues. Projects and enhancements will still be processed if they are needed for regulatory, compliance, or emergency reasons. Please reach out to Margo Kammeyer and Sheri Thomas via email if this is needed.**

General troubleshooting self-help guides, How-To articles and assistance.

Information on ITS assistance with academic, research and computing projects.