General troubleshooting self-help guides, How-To articles and assistance.

Articles (8)

Connect/Pair a Bluetooth Device With Your Computer

Pairing a Bluetooth device with a Mac or Windows computer.

Hard Drive Issues

Information on troubleshooting hard drive issues.

How to Change Display Settings for Multiple External Displays (Monitors)

Microsoft and Apple documentation for configuration of display settings when using multiple external displays.

Mac Audio Troubleshooting

Mac device audio troubleshooting steps.

Reset macOS Keychain

Instructions for resetting your macOS keychain password.

Troubleshooting a Slow Device

Tips for troubleshooting a slow computer.

Windows 10 1909+ Microphone Issue

Troubleshooting for Windows 10 version 1909 and higher microphone issues.

Windows Audio Troubleshooting

General audio troubleshooting steps for Windows devices.