ITS procedures for handling BGSU IT equipment, university data and other IT guidelines.

Articles (7)

Adobe Sign Data Collection and Storage Guidelines

Information Technology Services' guidelines for collecting and storing data in Adobe Sign.

BGSU ITS Guidelines for the Usage of Links in Campus Email Communications

Information on the use of links in campus email communications.

Can I Move My Office Computer/Phone to a New Location on Campus?

Guidelines for moving office devices from one campus location to another

Dropbox Guidelines

Information on University guidelines regarding the use of Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Safe Travel with Sensitive Data and IT Equipment

Tips for traveling with sensitive data and technology equipment.

What Are the Different Types of Data and How Should They Be Handled?

Information on various data types and how to store/send them.

What Items/Data Should NOT Be Taken When Traveling Abroad?

Items to consider leaving behind when traveling outside of the United States.