Information regarding your BGSU username, password and security settings as well as general information about the MyBGSU portal.

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Helpful information for navigating and using MyBGSI

Help guides relating to BGSU passwords.

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Accepting/Electing to Receive SMS Text Messages from a BGSU Application or Service

Text message rate information for BGSU applications and services.

BGSU Guest IDs

Information on obtaining a BGSU ID for guest affiliation.

BGSU Password Management Email Message - What Does It Look Like?

Example and characteristic breakdown of BGSU password management email messages.

BGSU Password Reset Limitation

BGSU password reset frequency limitation information.

Change BGSU Password

Instructions for changing BGSU password via self-service.

Change BGSU Test Account Password

Instructions for changing your BGSU test account password.

Course Registration Tips

Helpful IT tips for class registration.

Create/Change BGSU Password Security Question

How to update/change your BGSU password security question.

Creating a New BGSU Account

Information on creating a new BGSU account.

How Do I Order Transcripts?

Information on ordering BGSU transcripts

How Do I Submit Final Student Grades for a Course?

Guide contains link to Office of Registration and Records on how to submit final grades.

How to Reset Your Security Questions

This article can be used as a guide to reset your security questions. ARCHIVING 8/2021 OIM DECOMISSIONED AND REPLACED WITH OKTA

Transcript Upload Issue

Workaround for transcript upload issue.

Unable to Sign In to My Library Account

Troubleshooting steps for users unable to log in to their My Library Account.

What are Falcon Dollars?

An explanation of Falcon Dollars