Helpful information for navigating and using MyBGSU

Categories (5)

Chosen Name

Information on BGSU Chosen Name and how to set it.

Courses, Grades & Exams

Check grades, register for classes, add to waitlist, access course schedule, view textbooks, degree audit, withdraw from term, etc.

Personal Information

Instructions for updating personal information such as address, username, etc.

Tax Documents

Articles regarding tax documents located in MyBGSU.

Web Clock

Instructions for using and troubleshooting issues with the PeopleSoft Web Clock tool.

Articles (8)

BGSU Email Subscription Center

Information on updating your BGSU email subscriptions.

BGSU Guest IDs

Information on obtaining a BGSU ID for guest affiliation.

Can Faculty/Staff View the Student Center Without A Student Affiliation?

Instructions for viewing the Student Center in MyBGSU as a faculty/staff.

Changing Direct Deposit Information

How to add or edit Direct Deposit information

Creating a New BGSU Account

Information on creating a new BGSU account.

How Do I Add Money to BG1 Bucks Account?

Guide contains a link to BG1 Bucks office on how to add money to your account.

How Do I Add To/Update My Parent/Family Contacts?

Instructions for adding/editing Parent and Family Contacts.

What are Falcon Dollars?

An explanation of Falcon Dollars.