Check grades, register for classes, add to waitlist, access course schedule, view textbooks, degree audit, withdraw from term, etc.

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Course Registration Tips

Helpful IT tips for class registration.

How Do I Access My Course Schedule In MyBGSU

Instructions for viewing your course schedule in MyBGSU.

How Do I Add Classes in MyBGSU?

This article can be used to add and enroll into classes at BGSU via the MyBGSU portal.

How Do I Add Myself to a Waitlist?

Use this article to add yourself to a wait list for a class that is full.

How Do I Check My Final Grades?

Follow these steps to check your final grades.

How do I use Degree Audit?

Information on using Degree Audit

How Do I Withdraw From a Term Online?

Instructions for withdrawing from a term online.

Update BGSU Textbook Listing for Course

Updating textbooks for BGSU course

Where can I find my Exam Schedule?

Use this article to help find your final exam schedule.