Help guides relating to BGSU passwords.

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Accounts that may not sync with your BGSU Password

A list of accounts that may not sync with BGSU passwords

BGSU Password Management

Information about BGSU password management.

BGSU Password Reset Limitation

BGSU password reset frequency limitation information.

Change BGSU Password

Instructions for changing BGSU password via self-service.

Configure Mobile Number for SMS Password Reset

Instructions for configuring a mobile phone number for SMS password reset capabilities

Configure Mobile Number for Voice Call Password Reset

Instructions for adding a phone number for voice call password reset capabilities.

Create/Change BGSU Password Security Question

How to update/change your BGSU password security question.

Guidelines for Creating A Security Question

Guidelines for creating strong security question for password resets and account validation.

How Do I Update my Computer Password after Changing My BGSU Password while Off-Campus?

Instructions for syncing your device login password with your new BGSU password while off-campus.

How to Reset Your Security Question

Follow these steps to reset your MyBGSU login security question

Reset BGSU Test Environment Password

Instructions for resetting BGSU test environment password via self-service.

Reset Forgotten BGSU Password

Instructions for resetting your BGSU password via self-service.

Student Center Prompting Login Screen

Try this solution if you are prompted with a login screen when accessing Student Center

Things to Remember After you Change your BGSU Password

A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password

What Is Okta?

Explanation of the Okta application.