Help guides relating to BGSU passwords.

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Pinned Article Change BGSU Password

Information on how to change/update/reset your BGSU password.

Accounts that may not sync with your BGSU Password

A list of accounts that may not sync with BGSU passwords

BGSU Account/Password Security Questions

Instructions for creating or changing your BGSU account security question and guidelines for creating strong security questions.

BGSU Password Management Service (Okta)

Information about Okta, BGSU's identity management tool.

How Do I Update my Computer Password after Changing My BGSU Password while Off-Campus?

Instructions for syncing your device login password with your new BGSU password while off-campus.

Reset BGSU Test Environment Password

Instructions for resetting BGSU test environment password via self-service.

Things to Remember After you Change your BGSU Password

A list of things to remember after updating your BGSU password