Articles related to secure email sending, email tagging, security tips for safe travel with devices/data, how to report a fraudulent email and more.

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Guidelines for Creating Security Questions

Guidelines for creating strong security questions for password resets and account validation.

How Do I Report That an External Email Was Not Tagged Correctly?

How to report a message from an external source that is not properly tagged.

How Do I Secure My Mobile Device Prior to Traveling?

Guidelines for securing laptops, tablets and mobile devices prior to traveling.

Installing or Running Software As A Device Admin

The guide will show you how to run programs using local administrative rights.

Report Fraudulent Messages

How to report a suspicious email message to BGSU Information Security.

Secure Email (CRES) Account Creation

Use this article to activate and register for Cisco Secure Email.

What is External Email Tagging?

Explanation of what external email tagging is.

What Items/Data Should I NOT Take When Traveling Abroad?

Items to consider leaving behind when traveling outside of the United States.

Will Opening a Tagged Email Make Me Vulnerable to Attacks?

Details regarding opening external tagged email messages.