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The guide will show you how to run programs using local administrative rights.
Instructions for changing the default PDF program on a Windows 10 device.
Instructions for troubleshooting eduroam connection with "no internet"
Instructions for setting up Mobility Print on a personal device for the first time.
How to use the free utility/installer provided by eduroam that configures all the settings a system needs to connect.
Information regarding how it is determined if a device needs a version update.
Instructions for connecting your personal Windows computer to the eduroam network at BGSU
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned device.
Explanation of Windows version updates.
Instructions for checking your current Windows 10 version.
Explanation of why version updates are necessary.
General audio troubleshooting steps for Windows devices.
Microsoft and Apple documentation for configuration of display settings when using multiple external displays.
Pairing a Bluetooth device with a Mac or Windows computer.
Instructions for saving an Excel file to your device.