Employee Device Upgrades


What is the BGSU Employee Device Upgrade Project?


The BGSU Employee Device Upgrade (EDU) Project is the annual process of upgrading a select group of employee devices. EDU installs typically take place between mid-December and mid-June of each calendar year.

During this time ITS provides each College and Division with an inventory. ITS then allocates a percentage of the University's Employee Device Upgrade budget to each College and Division based on headcount in each area. Colleges and Divisions will choose the primary computers in their inventory to be replaced with a device from a list of standard available replacement computers.  

Please note: The Employee Device Upgrade program is intended to replace primary devices only. A primary device is one that the majority of the user's BGSU work is completed on, is used by only one person, and is generally NOT part of a grant-funded purchase. 

After the division EDU administrators have made selections, a ticket is automatically created for the selected individuals. During this time ITS will send an email to all users that have been selected to receive a new computer via the Employee Device Upgrade. Once individuals have been notified to schedule their install they can then communicate their software and printer needs.

There are no costs associated with standard EDU replacements. However, any purchase above the allotted amount will be charged to the College/Division and any customizations to the standard computer will be charged to the College/Division. Colleges and Divisions may not use the EDU budget to cover these customizations.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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