Tablets at BGSU


What is the process for managing university-owned tablets at BGSU?


ITS will only manage university-owned tablet(s) that meet the criteria listed below. Tablets must be managed by ITS in order to access BGSU network resources.

To purchase a university-owned tablet, you must submit a University Device Request to ITS. 


Tablet Management Criteria Requirements

ITS will manage tablets that meet the following criteria: 

  1. The tablet is needed for a business process AND 

    1. Tablets not needed for a business process will not receive access to university network resources (they will be placed on the personal/BYOD eduroam) 
    2. Tablets must be supported by the vendor – unsupported tablets will need to be replaced 

  2. The business process cannot be done on a Windows or MacOS device 


Tablet Management Conditions

Tablets will be managed with the following conditions:

  1. iPads are BGSU’s supported tablet device for business processes, 

    1. Android tablets are not supported and will not receive access to university network resources (they will be placed on the personal/BYOD eduroam), 

    2. Android tablets are more susceptible to malware compared to iOS because it is a more open development environment and ecosystem.  The Android operating system is inherently less capable of being managed (compared to iOS) without a full mobile device management solution. 

  2. The tablet would be completely controlled and managed by BGSU. 

  1. Only the apps identified as part of the original request would be installed; client would not have the ability to install apps.

  1. Any other apps would need to be requested and approved. 

  1. Tablets must be setup for an individual user: multiple users/profiles are not possible. 

  1. Tablets will automatically update their operating system as needed. 

  1. This may break functionality or require purchase of a new app from the vendor. 


For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.


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