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Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams app on an Apple mobile device.
A quick start guide to setting up your iPhone at BGSU.
Instructions for setting a default browser on a Mac device.
Instructions for connecting to your home WiFi network on your University-owned Mac device.
Instructions for installing the Falcon Print driver on a University-owned Apple computer.
Instructions for downloading the CampusClear app on an Apple/iOS device.
Information on personal device repair.
Information on different types of University-owned devices.
Instructions for connecting your Apple mobile device/tablet to the eduroam network at BGSU
A list of Peoplesoft-supported browsers
Information regarding Apple's end of life for 32-bit macOS applications.
Instructions for printing to a Mobility Print release station on an Apple iOS mobile device.
Step-by-step instructions for adding the Mobility Print driver to your personal Apple computer
Use this guide to connect your AppleTV to ResMedia Net