Duo Two Factor Authentication First Time Setup


How do I setup Duo Two Factor Authentication on my device(s)?


The following options are available for authenticating using the Duo software (in order of preferred method). Please expand the panels in this article for instructions on how to setup Duo Two Factor Authentication for each device type. 

  • Duo Mobile App - Verification via Duo Mobile is the fastest and most effective way to access protected services. For more information view the video below.

  • Mobile device SMS text message verification.
  • Landline telephone such as your BGSU office phone or home phone (phone call notification).
  • Passcode notification:
    • Open your Duo mobile app from your mobile device, tap the down arrow next to Bowling Green State University. Enter the passcode shown into the text box.
    • This can be done when your device is NOT connected to the internet.
  • Verification using a security token/key fob device (device-generated code) is the only option if you do not have a mobile device.
    • There is a one-time $20.00 fee associated with this method, to cover the cost of this device.
    • Please contact ITS for more information regarding security token authentication. 

**Please do not approve Duo authentication requests if you have not attempted to log in to a protected service. For more information review this article** 

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services at 419-372-0999 or through chat.

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