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Information on process for requesting a Canvas LTI integration.
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned Windows device.
Student instructions for obtaining educational and student access to AutoDesk programs.
Information regarding the Matlab software.
Information about Minitab student use at BGSU.
Information regarding the Statistical Analysis System (SAS).
The link contained within this article help you find software BGSU has to offer.
Information regarding the use of apps within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
Information on the software support services offered for personal computers.
Information regarding the use of third-party apps with BGSU Zoom accounts.
Information on the installation of software by ITS on personal devices.
Information on the Top Hat software.
Information on tracking software licenses at BGSU.
Criteria necessary for an application to be available for self-service installation at BGSU.
Information about trying out/protyping software at BGSU.