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An explanation of the various Software Procurement Request outcomes.
Steps taken to route a software purchase request through the approval process
The Microsoft Software Center can be accessed from a Windows computer to download programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, SPSS, etc.
Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application on your university-owned Mac device.
Describes the process of powerwashing (factory reset) any brand or model of ChromeBook.
The link contained within this article help you find software BGSU has to offer.
A list of software running on BGLinux
Student instructions for obtaining free AutoDesk programs.
Information and instruction on accessing ITS remote lab devices.
General information about BGSU remote computer labs.
Information regarding the use of third-party apps with BGSU Zoom accounts.
Information on process for requesting a Canvas LTI integration.
Information on installing Microsoft Access application on a personal student Mac device.
Information regarding the use of apps within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
Information on the installation of software by ITS on personal devices.