Creating a Group Set and Group in Canvas


How do I create a Group Set and Group in Canvas?


  1. Navigate to your Canvas course.
  2. From the course navigation on the left, select People.
  3. Select +Group Set button.
  4. Name the group by typing in the Group Set Name field.
    • You can name a group and add particular assignment in the name field.
    • You can allow self sign-ups by selecting the Allow self sign-up check box.
    • You can automatically split the groups in a number of equal groups by selecting split students into [number] groups radio button and then typing the number of groups in the dialog box.
  5. Select Save to save the content.

You can view Group Sets you have created by selecting the People link from the Course Navigation. Group Sets are listed by tabs at the top of the People Section, left of the +Group Set icon.

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